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06/16/2014 21:32:00

Is vaporwave making a comeback or something (or maybe an actual arrival)?  I read a bunch of micro-genre music-blog-bait about it 18 months or two years ago, forgot about it, and then saw three references in the last week.  Is this finally gonna be a thing? 


05/16/2014 17:23:00



psychedelic post-punk <3

ugh such an unfairly forgotten band. Can’t believe there’s still not a vinyl reissue! 

Mannequin records did a limited vinyl reissue for record store day this year.  They were not cheap, but the deluxe versions may still be floating around (but are even less cheap).


05/12/2014 20:29:26
the start of dna-rna is like wow, some lovely sounds coming from that
For sure; there’s a lot of prog and/or jazz fusion elements in the album, and I love every bit of it (uniting two of my great dork loves). 
He was apparently in a prog cover band in the early 80’s before he started making house music (Pxfork said it was specifically a Yes cover band, but I’m not sure where they’re pulling that from) 


05/12/2014 20:01:00
I wish I were exaggerating, but it actually happened [now I’m blushing]
i just got this the other day too! it’s pretty sick, been listening on the long bus rides home after my night shifts and it’s perfect
I didn’t used to be a big house fan (more of a techno guy, especially early 90’s breakbeat), but Mr. Fingers was always the main exception to my mild house phobia (and my eventual entree into the wider world of house once I got over myself). 
I’m just pissed I missed this the first time around; 1996 was a great year for dark electronic music, and I was just starting to seriously tune in.  I’d have played the bits off this thing.
BTW, if you haven’t heard F.S.O.L.’s Dead Cities, that’s some all-time-world-championship-late-night bus-ride-home music from 1996.  It doesn’t sound much like Alien, but if you haven’t found your way to them already, F.S.O.L. were rave refugees that took things in a really excellent direction after the crash. 


05/12/2014 19:33:00

Just put on the reissue of Mr. Fingers’ concept album about Alien. I was expecting it to be pretty awesome, but it’s even better than that.

My pipe actually fell out of my mouth like a goddamned cartoon cat I was so into it at one point.


04/25/2014 21:18:09

Just cracked the shrink wrap on a new double LP from a local label (and by local, I mean the guy who works in the coffee shop by my work runs it out of his apartment) and once I’d gotten the wrapper half off, a whiff of the scent of old pot wafted out from the record sleeve like the ghost of weedmas past.

On balance probably an auspicious sign; Memories preserved in shrink wrap and wax.


02/21/2014 21:15:27

So I just realized that the main riff from America’s Most Blunted is from an old Fever Tree song that I know by heart.  How did I listen to both songs so many times and never notice that? 

I should seriously turn in my sample spotter’s hat.


02/09/2014 10:28:39

I&#8217;ll never stop reblogging this.  I can&#8217;t express how bizarre and transgressive of an advert this was for a band on a major label in 1975. 
It was also, as it happened, their highest charting album (no shit).

I’ll never stop reblogging this.  I can’t express how bizarre and transgressive of an advert this was for a band on a major label in 1975. 

It was also, as it happened, their highest charting album (no shit).

(Source: miasthmatic, via doseage)


01/04/2014 14:07:00

A Thouroughly Procrastinated Top Ten Albums of 2013

In alphabetical order:

Adult.- The Way Things Fall.  This is the album I kept waiting (in vain) for Ladytron to make.  It’s dark, catchy, and bratty, but in a way that strays more decisively into 90’s-Goth-club-style synth pop.  It’s one hell of a dance floor record, and if you have an interest in dark dance music, I recommend it highly.

Apparat- Krieg Und Frieden (Music for Theatre).  This album has a lot of things going for it: it’s an excellent ambient electronic album, it’s the score for a theatrical production of War and Peace, and it has my favorite album cover art of the year (in large part because of how different it looks at different scales on a computer screen).  But let’s get down to brass tacks: the violin line at the beginning of the album (“44”) is a ridiculous ear worm.  I’ve been hearing it in my sleep all year, to the point that I started leaving it on repeat, and using it as a test track for new audio equipment.  The rest of the album is also great, but I’ll remember that violin theme until I die.

Boards of Canada- Tomorrow’s Harvest:  This album perfectly encapsulated the creeping anxiety I’ve been feeling about our collective future for the past few years, and should be mandatory listening for artists working in a dystopian mode. It explicitly expressed some half-formed ideas that I’d been groping my way through for the past few years, and foregrounded them for me in a way that made my own feelings much clearer to me. I don’t really “come away changed” from music very often anymore, but this album definitely took a bite out of me.

Dutch Uncles - Out of Touch in the Wild.  I’m kind of a sucker for unusually complicated pop music.  If it’s synthy and slickly produced into the bargain, you may as well just ship me a copy on release.  Art rock/pop of any kind is of interest to me, and while Dutch Uncles are not quite punching in the same class as a Roxy Music or the second King Crimson, they’re making glossy, catchy music that scratches the same itch for me.

Grim Tower- Anarchic Breezes.  Dark psychedelic folk music is hard to make memorably good (although easy to make memorably bad).  This album does well by only occasionally trying to do all three at once.  Most of the tracks manage two out of three (dark folk, folky-psychedelia, or dark psych), but one or two manage to hit all three (e.g. Let Death Become Your Comfort).  At it’s best the album sounds like King Dude without the Grand Guignol vocal filters, or occasionally like a lost Love album. If you’re an apocalyptic folk fan who doesn’t appreciate Nuggets-style psychedelia, you might want to give this one a pass, but if you (like me) enjoy psych rock as much as you do dark folk, this one’s a clear winner.

Lycia- Quiet Moments.  Calling it a come back would imply that they’d ever left, and calling it a return to form would imply that they’d tried something different at some point.  There’s not much stylistic innovation here: it’s a Lycia album and sounds very much like the other Lycia albums.  But (and it’s a big but) it’s a truly exceptional example of their style.  If you ever liked them or any of their fellows-in-harness over at Projekt: Darkwave, I can recommend this album highly.  It’s probably my favorite Lycia album.

No Joy- Wait to Pleasure.  High quality dream pop/shoegaze does not need a letter of introduction from me.  If you like Lush, the Cocteau Twins, or especially Curve, run, don’t walk. 

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Push the Sky Away.  The best album Nick’s been attached to since Abbatoir Blues.  It’s solid, well executed, and has an immense amount of energy cooked into it.  Every time Nick tosses off yet another “late career” masterpiece, I always greet it as an additional proof that time cannot alter, nor custom stale, his infinite variety (to paraphrase a famous man).   Bonus: the “Higgs Boson Blues” were eerily prophetic in re: cultural appropriation and Miley Cyrus; add “seer” to Nick’s list of job skills.

Savages- Silence Yourself- Strait-laced, high-energy goth rock.  They try to pass it off using the less-loaded genre designator “post-punk,” but this album is clearly stealing its riffs from JuJu-era Banshees and Bauhaus, not from Wire and the Fall, not to mention that the vocals are a pitch perfect Siouxsie Sioux impression.  There is nothing remarkable about this album except for its quality and meticulous devotion to genre; if you told me this was a lost gem by a first-wave goth rock also-ran from 1983 (or a Banshees side project for that matter) I would believe you. 

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan - Uzu.  This album was one of my most anticipated releases of the year, based on last-year’s semi-eponymous EP, and Uzu did not disappoint. I generally enjoy genre fusion, and YT//ST deliver fusion in spades: primarily doom or prog metal, combined with east-Asian pop musical elements, as well as flirtations with industrial music and opera (both eastern and western).  And they manage to make the whole sound impressively heavy.  Fusion, in general can be hit or miss: sometimes it just sounds comical, but sometimes it gels into something really tremendous (and this is it).

Honorable Mentions for memorable releases by-

Gatekeeper, Wax Idols, The Haxan Cloak, Youth Lagoon, Zola Jesus and J.G. Thirwell, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Tropic of Cancer.


11/22/2013 19:30:00

Artist: Sisters of Mercy

Album: Floodland

Track: This Corrosion

     (played 5255 times)


Sisters of Mercy- This Corrosion 

When I was running a Goth radio show, we called “This Corrosion” the “bathroom song,” because it was reliably long enough to get out of the booth, down the hall and back again.  It was a life-saver, but I now associate it with too much coffee and urgent late-night urination.

(via aplacebothwonderfulandstrange)


11/18/2013 21:38:17



Night Sins’ album New Grave

My brother sent this to me. I really like it.

holy shit this is awesome

Oh man it totally is.


11/15/2013 16:02:00

This a pretty sweet cover of an under-covered song


11/09/2013 23:36:00

Favorite Album Titles

I want to know (and want to be asked) everything about people’s favorite album titles.

A few favorites in no particular order based on name alone, setting aside album quality (I like most of these to some extent, but if I had to pick favorite combinations of names and actual albums the list would be much, much different):

  • Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age.
  • Black Magic Cannot Cross Water
  • The World is Just a Shape to Fill the Night
  • The Fall of Math
  • The Golden Age of Wireless
  • Love’s Secret Domain
  • Starless and Bible Black
  • Last Rights
  • Suspended Animation Dreams
  • Telemetry of a Fallen Angel
  • The Turn of a Friendly Card
  • We Must Become Pitiless Censors of Ourselves

And my all-time favorite album title: He Sought For That Magic By Which All The Glory And Mystic Chivalry Were Made To Shine - Or - Is Music Even Good?

Of course there are some album titles that I love solely for their absurdity, which wouldn’t make the above list, like an early 90’s EDM compilation entitled The Merciless World of Trance, the increasingly ridiculous album names Cradle of Filth kept dreaming up (Bitter Suites to Succubi?  Seriously?), and the simple joys of an album named Ratfucker (or as someone misheard it, Ratbutler)

I’d also like to throw out an honorable mention for my favorite album title that wasn’t.  Namely, I spent the last five years thinking Grails had released a pretty sweet album with the even sweeter name Doomsayer’s Holiday.  Except they didn’t.  They released a pretty sweet album with the incredibly doofy name Doomsdayer’s Holiday, and I only just realized it.

You win some, you lose some.


11/09/2013 20:50:50


Blank Dogs - Planets

Haven’t thought about this in a few years.  I think this was the second release on Sacred Bones, and the first one that had their distinctive art style.


11/09/2013 18:40:20

Artist: Broadcast And The Focus Group

Album: Broadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age

Track: a seancing song

     (played 171 times)


A Seancing Song - Broadcast and The Focus Group

This whole album is completely nuts.  Also had one of my all time favorite album titles.


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